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Hygiene and prevention

Professional teeth cleaning

Tooth cleansing or dental prophylaxis is a procedure which involves professional dental cleaning. Tooth cleansing is an important dental treatment that prevents and keeps control of mouth disease.

Why should we do professional tooth cleaning?
To have healthy teeth – Professional cleaning involves removing soft and hard residues (gaps) that can cause serious periodontal problems if not treated. Although patients brush their teeth with brush and interdental yarn, it is impossible to perform an optimal cleaning such as professional cleaning done by a dentist or dental hygienist. It is therefore necessary that professional cleaning is done every six months in order to prevent oral diseases and to have better oral health.

For better aesthetics – Professional cleaning also includes professional dental flossing, which eliminates pigmentation from tobacco, tea, coffee, etc …. It also provides a beautiful and healthy smile to the patient.

To avoid the bad breath of the mouth – Periodontal diseases are often characterized with halitosis. Bad taste is usually caused by dental plaque or gingival inflammation as well as periodontal problems, but also from caries. Removal of gills and bacteria significantly improves the scent of the mouth.

What does professional dental cleaning mean?
Phase 1. Supragingivar Cleaning – Includes cleansing of gaps created over the surface of the gingiva. This cleaning is done with the help of ultrasounds and manual instruments.

Phase 2. Subgingivar Cleaning – Includes deep cleansing, which means eliminating gut and inflammatory tissue that is created in the periodontal pockets. This cleansing is very necessary and important for patients suffering from periodontal disease.

Stage 3. Coating and Polishing of Roots – After eliminating subgingival stones, rooting should be done to clean their surface as well as to enable regeneration and healing of periodontal tissue.

Stage 4. Tips and Instructions – After each professional cleaning the patient is informed about his / her oral health condition and given the necessary advice. At the same time it is informed about the special brushes that fit in order to achieve the best oral hygiene.

Professional cleaning is recommended to be done twice a year, whereas in patients with severe periodontal disease is recommended every 3-4 months. Professional cleaning allows for the prohibition of periodontal disease and inhibits its agitation

Fluorine application as a preventative measure

Caries disease is the main cause of tooth decay. Fluoride application is considered to be the most effective caries prevention and has significantly improved oral health around the world in the last 40 years.


There are different forms of fluoride application. In our clink we use fluoride in the form of gel and varnish which should be applied every six months. Fluoride application is a quick and easy procedure but with a very good effect, especially for patients who have caries and have higher risk of developing caries.

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